Handmade Functional Sculpture, Art, Architecture, and Interior Design by Rachel Shillander of LLand Studio. Located in Los Angeles, California.


Lland is the art and design studio practice of Rachel Shillander.  

My varied experience in architecture, art fabrication, site-specific art installation, and construction inform my studio practice, where I investigate ideas of the larger built environment through both functional and non-functional sculpture.

Primarily working in architectural mediums, my work focuses on creating objects, land art, and spatial sculpture that identify themes of humanity: duality, scale, social constructs, imperfection, religion, spirituality, mystery, and our relationship to the natural world and cosmos.

I was formally educated as an architect (UA, B.ARCH 2008 and UCLA M.ARCH 2009) and I  am in the process of receiving my architectural license with a completion date this Spring. I have practiced art and architecture simultaneously for more than a decade, and consider the practices inseparable. My current work is focused on the converging path of my architectural and art practice, where I hope to further develop my thoughts on spatial sculpture.

I was Born and raised in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California and currently live work, and practice there. My work has brought me outside of my hometown, where I have gained experience studying and working in Arizona, Denmark, Los Angeles, Japan, New York, and Oklahoma.

Along with the studios in house and manufactured collections, the studio offers the below services.
Please contact info@lland-studio.com for more information.

Commissioned, site-specific medium to large scale sculptural work.


Full service design, as well as, consultation with more than 10 years of experience in architectural construction in Los Angeles, New York, Tucson, and Tulsa. 

Interior Design
Full service design, specification and procurement, as well as, consultation.

Fabrication / Construction
The studio offers consultation and coordination for custom works ranging from furniture and lighting, to hardware, building components, and residential construction projects of any scale.